Teal and Purple Abstract // Car Air Freshener

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Air Fresheners have images transferred to both front and back using sublimation, resulting in a long lasting image!

Color may vary slightly from screen to screen as well as final project. 


You can choose between the scents we offer which are purchased through a 3rd party. All product names, product brands, trademarks, and trade names mentioned are property of their respective companies. 

Don't love our scents? Choose to an unscented freshener, this allows you to add your own scent at home or just have it for it's looks.

*When adding scents to your freshener please only add fragrance oil to the sides to avoid any discoloration on the image from the oil you choose to add. 


3ml refill scent bottles are available here: https://candlcrafts.com/products/3ml-car-air-freshener


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